EC 821 : Applied Econometrics
  • The aim of this one semester course is to give, briefly, an account of the main aspects of econometric procedures generally pursued by research analysts in economics. The course will attempt to enlighten the students for understanding the utility and disutility of various results based on econometric computations. No emphasis will be placed on derivation of formula and proofs.
  • Simple, partial and multiple correlation analysis - simple and multiple regression.
  • Normal distribution - small and large sample tests, F test.
  • Hypothesis testing and prediction using multiple regression analysis - Econometric foundations.
  • Functional forms and economic Interpretations, Time series, cross sectional and pooled analysis.
  • Important problems in econometric model building and testing; use of estimated results in overcoming these problems.
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EC 802 : Advanced Economic Theory
    Economic growth: Theories and models. The technology of the economy. The neoclassical one sector model of growth. Two sector models of economic growth and planning.
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EC 820 : Research Methods in Economics
    The Methodological Foundations of Economic Analysis - Historicism, Positivism, Abstraction and Generalisation in Economic Science The purpose of and approach to Research. Formulation of Research problem and Research Design. Meaning of Hypothesis and Testing of hypotheses. Methodology of model building. Types of Economic models - Methods of data collection. Surveys and Sampling techniques. Structure of Dissertation.
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EC 812 : Mathematical Economics
  • The nature of mathematical economics ` Mathematical vs. non-mathematical economics ` mathematical economics vs. econometrics.
  • Elementary mathematics: Revision concepts- Matrix algebra - functions, differentiation and integration, maximisation and minimisation, set theory.
  • Marginal analysis, Equilibrium analysis: Static, dynamic and comparative static analysis.
  • Optimisation and linear programming.
  • Input-output analysis ` Static and dynamic versions.
  • Game theory.
  • Micro, macro applications of the models.
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EC 826: Advanced Econometrics
  • Parametric and Nonparametric Econometrics. Basic interpretation of Regression Models, and Tests for individual and joint significance. Practical testing for Endogeneity and omitted variable bias. Modeling of qualitative and limited dependent variable models. Analysis of Panel Data.
  • Seemingly Unrelated Regressions. Lagged Dependent Variables and Autoregressive Disturbances. Tests on Subset of Regression Estimates. Two-stage Least Squares and Instrumental Variable Estimation.
  • Time-Series Models. Smoothing and Extrapolation of Time Series. Linear Time-Series Models. Estimation of Time-Series Models. Applications of Time-Series Models. Estimating Co-integrated Systems.
  • Nonparametric Econometrics. Application and estimation of non-parametric econometric models.
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